Home schooling around the world

We will be the teachers of Jonathan and Vicky during our trip. The director and the teachers of their school ( have enthusiastically offered us their help. 

Thanks to the internet the class mates of our kids will be able to stay in touch with us and they will be working on projects linked with our travelling.

History lessons in Namibia                        Zoology class in South Africa
July 2006                                                     August 2006

1 September 2006 on Zanzibar
Home schooling on "the roof of the world"                               Math exercises at the pool
         Lhasa (Tibet), Oktober 2006                               Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), November 2006
Batik lessons in Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia), November 2006

Holiday in Sydney (Australia), December 2006
English lessons while playing with Sarah                Bird watching with Pepe of WWF
Rotorua (New Zealand), January 2007                  Valdivia (Chile), February 2007
Depending on the weather homework is made inside or outside the tent
Lago Roca (Argentina), March 2007

Learning to distinguish animal footprints in the jungle with Laura of Vida Silvestre
Reserva Urugua I in Missiones (Argentina), April 2007

Computer classes with Jonathan from New-Zeealand         Dictation exercise near Lake Titicaca
Ilha Grande (Brazil), May 2007                                     Copacabana (Bolivia), June 2007

Spanish lessons while playing with Isabella & Sebastian
Huacachina (Peru), July 2007